Photo Shoot Location Guide

fred long CENTENNIAL park & downtown thomas, WV

A bit out of the way, but one of the best locations in all of West Virginia. This location features just about everything you'd want in a photo shoot. It has a beautiful downtown area, waterfalls, flower fields, and mountain views that are absolutely breathtaking.

hinkle and deegan lake | Bridgeport, wv

One of my favorite fall locations. It's great all year. But during the fall, the beautiful orange and red trees that surround the lake reflect like a mirror off the lake and it makes for beautiful wildly colorful photos. There is a creek you can stand in that is about ankle high for in water photos and also a small waterfall off the side of the lake. For tennis players, there is a well taken care of court you can use.

Downtown clarksburg, WV

This location has a very urban feel to it. If you go to the old Glen Elk section it has a lot of unique areas that make for outstanding textured photos. There is small sections that add some greenery also to your photos if you want both a nature and city look and feel. The Historic Morris building can also be rented by the hour if you want to have part of your shoot indoors.


Downtown Fairmont has tremendous variety in awesome photo locations from city streets to state parks to vintage diner's.

ORAL LAKE | Bridgeport, WV

This location is great in the very early morning hours to get the fog coming off the water on an old wooden dock. There is also a nearby field and a porch swing at the clubhouse. Excellent for summer sessions!


Stonehouse Lavender's fields of lavender make an amazing backdrop and on top of that there is a beautiful white barn too! Please note, shoots there must be planned during their open business hours and they kindly ask for donations at their shop.


This area is a great add on area if you're shooting in the Bridgeport region and want to get sunset/field photos near the end of your shoot.


Downtown Morgantown has the best of both worlds. You can take urban/city like photos and also more nature looking photos. Also a great place to show your Mountaineer Pride!


One of my favorite state parks to shoot at! It has nearly everything you could look for in an outdoor nature style photo shoot.

Valley falls | fairmont, wv

Valley falls is a great complete shoot location that has waterfalls, fields, and a railroad!


I would describe Dolly Sods as being one of the most unique places in West Virginia. It's not easy to get to. But, you get a lot out of the trip. It has amazing mountaintop views, rock formations, and colorful plants.


A great lakeside location and a lot of great landscaping and outdoor furniture.